A very famous dialogue in the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ by veteran actor Shah Rukh Khan, is somewhat like this – Itni shiddat se maine tumhein paane ki koshish ki hai, ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai. Kehte hain ki agar kisi cheez ko poore dil se chaho, to saari kaynat tumhein us-se milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai…

It sounds so unrealistic, so dreamy, but let me tell you, there’s no bigger truth in this world than this.

Paolo Coelho quoted something similar in his book ‘The Alchemist’ – when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Even Rhonda Byrne wrote an entire book on it called – ‘The Secret’.

Multiple languages. Different people. But, one thought. It surely has something, isn’t it? Otherwise why would so many people quote it?

The point here is, do we believe in magic? Most of us don’t, which is logical enough because we all know how we are being tricked since childhood, but those who do, surely can believe and understand the magic of universe. Now there’s a very simple thing, which is – Emotions. Why is it that if someone is happy, it makes you happy and if someone is sad, it affects you too, in some way?

If you see a little baby crying, it may have no relation to you, but somewhere deep inside your heart, you will feel like crying too, or you will want to calm it down. Similarly, if someone close to you is getting married, or is having a baby, automatically you feel good inside, you forget the tensions of life for a minute and you think that life is perfect! Why does it happen when it’s not directly related to you own life?

The answers all lie within us. Whenever we are happy, or sad, or neutral, we emit an energy into the universe. This isn’t my personal theory, but a scientifically proven fact that emotions generate energy. The number of vibes we generate every day, are calculated. If we generate more positive vibes, our life will be simpler, our tasks will be done and our destiny will be sorted, but if we generate more negative vibes every day, our life will be messed up and somewhere down the line we will end up blaming our destiny for a screwed up life. But the truth is – you are your own destiny!

If you will think that you are a loser, you will become one eventually. And if you will be confident and positive, although you have little chance of winning something, but you will end up achieving it! It’s not a hypothetical discussion, but practically possible, all with the help of stream of thoughts. If your thoughts, your energy is aligned and channelized into one direction, it will create a direct, deep impact on your life and if your thoughts are scattered, they won’t help you much and you will end up being where you are. Ever wondered why a plane mirror can’t burn a paper but a concave mirror can, just by focussing a ray of light? Same is the case with your thoughts, and the control you have on your thoughts, acts as a mirror. It’s your choice whether you want it to be plane or convex, or concave for the best results!

Why is it that only a few people in this world have the most percentage of wealth? Why is it that a few people, are famous beyond all measures? Or why is it that a few people live the life of their dreams while a majority is still thriving to earn daily bread? Do people want to be poor and unsuccessful for the rest of their lives? No, they don’t. Nobody wishes to live a life of poverty, nobody wants to die in destitution, and nobody wants that his children should suffer, but then why only dreams of a few people come true? When a tea-seller can become the Prime Minister of our country, when a son of a common-man can become the wealthiest actor in Bollywood, and when even the simplest people can become stars overnight, why can’t we achieve what we want?

The answer is – Belief. The people who believed in them, their dreams, no matter how extravagant they were, have achieved them too! But those who thought that it’s just a dream and has no connection with reality, have failed.

In Steve Jobs’ famous speech – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish – he said, you can’t connect the dots while seeing into the future, but you can only connect the dots by seeing into the past. You should believe that whatever is happening, is happening for your own betterment, and it definitely ‘will’ happen for your good.

It’s not a co-incidence that so many successful people of the world have talked about this secret power of universe and neither it is a magic that the trick of it is known to only a few from the lot. Right now, just stop thinking anything else, but think about your past. Think about something that changed your life. Think how it benefitted you. Can you connect the dots now? Can you feel that your life is better than it would have been if you were not subjected to that life-changing situation? It made you strong, it made you better, do you feel good now? Good.

This is how we channelize our energy into thinking that everything that’s happening is for our own good, that everything in this life has a purpose and a meaning. This universe isn’t there just for the sake of being there, it has got a tenacity and it demands your efforts. If you will lose hope, how do you expect yourself to be successful? The universe is ready to help you, only if you are ready to help yourself.

Don’t let negativity surround you in anyway. Don’t engross yourself in thinking that you are useless. If you haven’t done something great in life yet, it doesn’t mean you will never do anything great ever. It just means your time is coming, and the universe is waiting for you to do some efforts. Stop the bad-thoughts from making you feel inferior, commit yourself to whatever you want to do and see the magic. One life…