I ate a gummy bear on the threshold of life
Started a journey on a road not taken
Where the clouds burst into dragons of smoke
The veils torn open and the masks aside

Beyond the field I met my lover
Standing alone in the pool of blood
You killed someone? I asked aloud
He melted in the pool in just a thud

I could see his eyes still gaping at me
His hands still erect, asking for the final touch
His face was melting like candle wax
I left him dying and walked towards a hutch

All the mirrors narrating a story of their own
Like fugitives running and escaping their cage
I touch a mirror and my hand goes through
Not a mirror, it was me in another age

I trudge towards a farm having cows and sheep
All the animals kaleidoscope on one another
I see a unicorn and a red cow with wings
A blue crow, yellow parrot and some others

I steal a bicycle, pedal and thrive
Riding it through the fields and forests
I met the shining moon with stars by its side
Where is the sun? I ask. It rests

Alone I explore the life never seen
The thin lines of perception, I rub clean
The deceits, the cloaks all shed in it’s light
The dream ends, and conscious I glean

What just happened? I asked myself.
Did I just lose my life or my grip?
Am I alive or am I dead?
Ah, nothing, it was just a psychedelic trip…


17 Jan, 2014

Mehek Bassi