We all have been in and out of love, many times one sided, many times it turned into a beautiful relationship, or maybe a memorable lesson of a lifetime! But whatever it was, we all felt butterflies in our stomach, and goose-bumps on our skin whenever we saw that special someone right in front of us. Remember when you first saw her, and she looked beautiful without any makeup at all? How her simplicity made your ground slip underneath your feet, and how you fell so in love with her right at that very moment?

So what exactly it is that we love someone so much, and sometimes, can’t forget them throughout our lives. Or what exactly is the driving force behind us, which forces us to go against everyone, just for that special someone. What is that one thing which makes us mad for them? How? Why? But most importantly – what? What exactly happens when you see someone, and you instantly click?

This article is scientific, but I will try to explain stuff in pretty easy and understandable words, so that you can solve all your mysteries!

Love – as science says is a complex emotion. It can drive you crazy and it can also move mountains. It has the power to destroy and it also has the power to create. It can change the world for better and it can also end everything if required. It is one of the most powerful emotions a human can experience, and that is why even scientists had to go through a very detailed research work to actually reach at a conclusion about how it all starts.

There are precisely three stages of falling in love, and the first one is – Lust. Of course!

Humans have a desire to mate. Reproduce. Make copies of themselves, to prevent extinction, but that is not the sole reason to mate. Sex, also acts as a pleasure activity, and after humans, only dolphins and a specific breed of chimpanzees is known to ‘enjoy’ sex as a pleasurable activity, and not just as a natural responsibility towards your race.

The hormone responsible for this feeling is Oestrogen in women and Testosterone in men, which is also released during sex, and that is the reason partners feel closer to each other after a steamy session together. It has stress relieving properties, so it’s also beneficial to your body greatly. Lust is what triggers our brain at the first sight, so all those who think, love at first sight is actually a thing? People of this planet, you might want to reconsider your opinion about it!

The second stage after lust is ‘Attraction’. Attraction happens when you start feeling nervous, and when you start caring about yourself, about how she might think of you? When boys actually take bath after months and trim their hair and beard, just to make an appearance in front of the girl they love, can also be considered that second stage of love. Attraction particularly releases ‘Adrenaline, Dopamine and Serotonin’. Where Adrenaline is responsible for those sweaty nervous breakdowns when you see her pushing that one strand of hair behind her ear in a sleek and gentle manner!

Dopamine is the ‘cocaine’ effect. When your brain releases Dopamine, you feel exactly like you have consumed cocaine! Now I can totally agree with the fact that love is a drug. Lastly, the third chemical Serotonin does nothing but makes you day dream! It is that hormone which when released, forces you to think about beautiful times you might spend in future with your lover, or imagine the first time you would kiss, and make love. So basically, this one chemical screws you up entirely!

The third stage of love is called ‘Attachment’, where you feel so attached that you can’t let go of the other person. A hormone named ‘Oxytocin’ is released during this stage, making you feel closer to the person emotionally and feel attached in a way that you never felt before. It makes you do impossible things in the name of love! Sometimes, as impossible as Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones does… ‘Oh, the things I do for love…’

The second hormone released in this stage is Vasopressin, which is an anti-diuretic. It quenches your thirst and makes you feel less thirsty after sex, although your body is pretty much drained up after that rigorous activity! This hormone is responsible for making the relationships last longer.

All this was nothing, but basics of what love does to your brain. In layman language, it screws it up – pretty much, so yeah! That’s why they say Love is blind, deaf and mute, and sometimes love is crippled too. I think love is chemical reaction in our brain, which is more or less like atomic explosion, after which nothing remains the same. Literally!

Lust, Attraction and Attachment in couples is quite common, and now we understand why in the first place do we fall in love with someone. It’s just to prevent our extinction. It’s in our biological system, to mate and reproduce, and it all starts with ‘lust’.

So whoever says love is wrong, tell them what huge responsibility of this planet have you undertaken on your weak shoulders, make them realize how important it is to save the generation!

Since I am no biology student, so I collected all this information from – http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/hottopics/love/

Giving credits is always important. Say no to plagiarism! Love, and keep loving…