The trip was a roller coaster ride
And it began keeping in track
The infinity of zero
There you met, the Satan in disguise
Quenching his thirst on grapevine
Scottish montane glands they were 
Seemed refuge, us, along the timberlake…

You could hear colours, you could see sounds
The hideous men and women, all mates
You could feel patterns, you could touch waves
Time was slower, people were baits
No more pain, no more agony
The jungle seemed to be at peace
Concrete walls melted down
I started off, never ceased…

The crows screeched the sunset
And the fish was ready for bait
From the bloody mud pool he rose
Fixed his quiver on the hair’s Rose
You ran to jump in the dark dried crust
I crushed the green
There it lay, the black… smoke…

You rose from oblivion, that still remains
In your mind, your heart and in your veins
The night your trip got you off the track
The night where we both lay drained
Our parched throats had a story of their own
The sky as gory as Satan’s tombstone
The roads all ochre with sunset’s light
It was dark, the black smoke, blocking our sight
We rested a while admiring the white grass
I stayed, you got up, we gotta move alas…

Watch the sand glass
Two cups down
And I have that strip
Working on my eyes
Your flight with the largest albatross
While I searched for the acid of my childhood
Well it was exothermic
I stopped when water burnt…

The fire that seemed as cold as ice
The elephants as little as dirty mice
The flowers that smelled of ecstasy
The trees that bore the fruits of Meth
It was nothing but a jungle of intoxication
It was nothing but a series of hallucinations
It was nothing grandeur, nothing profound
Just you and me, roaming around!
In our minds or in the black hole of past
Where the streets were narrow and filthy
He asked you if you wanted some Looney Toones
You were lured back into your acidic childhood
I tried to pull you out but in vain
I lost you forever, still feel that pain…

And then coke acted, like the ambrosia
On hills
Wait for the phoenix
They never die…

Untouched by the fire of intoxicated pyre
They rise again, into their youth
Embellished by the smoke and admired
They rise again…

See my face
In the ecstatic grace
I know you hate that pill
The need of he hour is to lay still
Or the one eyed dolphin would rape me, oh buddy…

Listen to the meadows, what do they preach?
That some things are never in our reach
The dolphin, the swan or the penguin, 
The scary reminiscence of your mind
Fear him O’buddy , fear the mighty 
The mighty you and me..

17 Jan. 2014

Abhishek Leela Pandey

Mehek Bassi