Talent does not exist

If someone is good at something, that does not mean he is talented! I don’t believe in the ‘term’ talent. Talent is a term coined by ‘lazy’ people who don’t want to work their ass-off but want to give themselves an excuse that they can’t do it because they are not talented enough! If you think all the great people who have lived on the face of Earth were born with some kind of special talent – you are right! They were born with a set of hands, feet, legs and arms, two eyes, one nose, one mouth and two ears – and what makes them different from the crowd is their will, their determination and their passion for the thing they loved!

People who are genius at science, were not born with the algorithms and theories etched in their brains – they learned, they practiced, they failed and they again rose up. People who are amazing dancers or singers or painters or writers – they were not born with a mic in their hand, or with a pen in their hand. The great writers were the people who started with learning ‘ABCD’ at some school in their childhood and then started learning grammar, verbs, nouns and adjectives and improved their skills everyday. Calling them “talented”, is an insult to their hard-work.

They just have one thing different from the crowd and that is – ‘they refuse to give up!’ It’s not that they never failed, they just never stopped trying.

People love to see the dancers dancing on TV. Nobody wants to practice for 24 hours non-stop like them and get blisters under their feet! People love to hear songs that are sung in melodious voices, but no one is willing to sing for 3 continuous days without sleeping. People love to see the paintings that artists create, but nobody is willing to start with practicing straight-lines. They all want to be the Picasso, but without putting in any efforts – I’m sorry, that’s not possible!

So if you think you are not talented – think again. You are talented. You can be the greatest dancer, the greatest singer or the greatest writer. You can be what you want to be – if you put in efforts and you promise yourself that no matter what, you will not give up until you are successful. Then see the results! You are the master of your own universe, and you are not less or inferior to anyone. You should fall, you should fail, but you should never compromise with your life. You get one life to live, and if you don’t live it on your terms, what’s the fun of living? So decide what you want to be, and put all your energy and efforts in that direction. You will be a master of that art sooner than you think you could be!

One Life…