Recently I encountered a problem in which a girl was torn apart between her family, and her boyfriend. The guy didn’t love her, she did, but her family loved her unconditionally. She wanted a solution, but she wasn’t ready to move on. I’m sharing this thing here, because it’s not one girl’s problem, but many out there, are caught into similar dilemma. This is for all those girls, who are in love with guys who don’t love them back and girls, unknowingly risk their personal lives for them.

Your family has been with you since past 18-20 years, they have loved you that long, how can a love-affair of merely 2-4 years overshadow that selfless and unconditional love? How can your guy love you more than your father, who did every possible thing, to provide you with best of all? How can your guy love you more than your mother, who spent sleepless nights when you were sick? I’m not saying all guys should be left and there should be breakups, but this is for the guys, who are just fooling around, and not serious for the girl.

Just think about your family, and your parents. Sit with them for a while, watch them closely, don’t you see wrinkles on their foreheads? Don’t you see them ageing? They’re getting old, they’re worried about you, your marriage, your education! All they want for you is to be happy and settled, nothing else. They never demand a thing from you, do they? Then can’t you move on from that empty relationship for them, and focus on your life for their dreams? They want to see you having a good job, earning and being independent, can’t you do even this much for them?

Try spending some time with your parents. Ask them how was their day, how tough it was to earn money, ask them about the struggles they went through. I’m sure, every parent has a story to tell, ask them theirs. Once a while, hug your parents. Just hug them, and tell them you love them. These three words, can do more magic than they did in your love-life. When they’re worried or sad, talk to them, tell them that one day you’ll be independent and will support them.

Girls are much stronger and emotionally powerful than guys. As they say ‘A son is a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life…’

You’re lucky, that you’re a daughter. Your parents seek that emotional support from you, which will keep them strong in times to come. They have to send you away one day, can you imagine that pain of separation? You will start a new life, you will have kids and will become busy in no time, but your parents? Their life has been snatched away from them, have you thought about them, how will they live after you?

If you’re around 20 years of age, you have hardly 5 to 10 years of time to spend with your parents. By 30, almost every girl gets married. In the remaining time, try to keep them happy. Don’t hurt them! What they’ve done for you, can’t be repaid. Knowingly that you will leave them one day, and become pride of some other home, they still never compromised with you or your wishes. They fulfilled all your dreams, with whatever they had, with whatever they could afford.

Do not hurt your parents. They’re your ultimate supporters, your family, your strength, your world…