The purring cat, the monsoon’s chill,
The lonely road, the lights all dim,
The dark path, the night’s thrill,
I stand at the edge by the window’s rim

A wet terrain, the food on grill,
The soft music, the dancing feet,
The red dress, the white frill,
I fold my hands, it’s the God I greet

The hot coffee, the snowy hill,
An interesting book, the cool breeze,
A discarded wife, a Jack’s Jill,
I play audience till I freeze

The urban life, the native sill,
I take out a pen and write a will,
I try hard but the pen won’t move,
Everyone heard my last shrill.

They asked about my final will,
Quietly, a crumpled paper I pass
‘No one can pay the nature’s bill’
My final words powerfully surpassed
Everything they ever thought,
Everything they ever did.
Everyone chanted on my death bed
‘No one can pay, the nature’s bill’…

© Mehek – 2014