There are many couples who are in a Long Distance Relationship and it’s very hard to be in one. You don’t get to see each other that often, neither do you get to spend that much time as regular couples would. It’s a million times harder than what it is being in a normal relationship. I won’t call a Long Distance Relationship normal because it’s not. It’s an abnormal one, because everything is based on what the other person is telling you. You have no option, but to trust him. This post, is a letter to all the boyfriends in a Long Distance Relationship, who are living away from their girls. It’s on behalf of all those girls who live miles away, and yet are honest in their relationships. It’s an inner voice of all those girls –

Dear Boyfriend,

I know we don’t meet very often. We can’t. The distance between us doesn’t allow us to. I know I can’t call you in the middle of the night outside my balcony just to have a glimpse of you. Because you won’t come. I can’t call you to have a mini-coffee date at our nearby cafe. Because it isn’t possible to arrange. I can’t throw tantrums at you for silly little things. Because making up over phone or Skype sucks! I miss you more than ever, after that.

It’s not possible for us to hold hands when we want to, hug each other when we wish to or kiss each other when we need to. It’s not possible for us to be there for each other on every birthday or anniversary. Sometimes we have to celebrate them alone.

Sometimes I sit in your favorite places and eat your favorite things. Alone. Sometimes I lie in my bed in the darkness of my room and sob, because I miss you so much and can’t do anything about it. Sometimes I delete unsent texts and mails in my ‘draft’ folder. Because I know they would be useless knowing the distance between us. Many times, I don’t tell you the little things I want from you, because you won’t be able to give me those. Many times I am crying on the call, but I don’t let you know, because it’s your important day. Many times I don’t say I miss you that much, just to keep you strong. Many times I lie because I can’t afford to break you down. You don’t know, but many times I wet my pillows at night and still send you a cheerful morning selfie just to make your day bright!

I always text you, mail you and contact you whenever possible. It hurts so much when you don’t have time for me. It shatters me down inside, when you don’t value me. It breaks me down when you don’t realize that – this is all what we have! When you fail to understand that phone, e-mails, messages are our only hope because we can’t meet! What I do for you sometimes, is unknown, even to you. But I know it’s a huge sacrifice, that not every girl is willing to make.

Girls want easy relationships. They need their guy to live in their city so they can meet, go on dates, demand gifts, have little hang-outs, but not every girl is willing to ‘wait’. Girls cheat behind their boyfriends’ backs, but I’ve been true to you since the day we met. I never thought about anyone, but you, and still sometimes you hurt me. Sometimes I think I can’t take it anymore and inside I’m prepared to end it all, but then when I call you up and hear your voice, I mentally change my decision. Then I go on blaming my destiny, but then, it doesn’t change anything. We are still the same. Miles away. Deeply in love.

I won’t say I want dates from you, or gifts from your side. I don’t want anything, but your time. A little time everyday. I don’t ask you to stick to your phone 24/7, but I do ask of you to talk to me for at least 5-10 minutes. Ask me how I am, how was my day, what’s new in my life? Take interest in what I do all day long, it will make me happy! I know we can’t watch movies together, but if you will watch a movie I suggest and will tell me that you watched it, it will make me more happy than anything! The little things that I tell you to do. The little things that you ask of me. They’re the glue of our relationship. The day they vanish, our relationship won’t be able to hold itself and will fall down.

I’m doing every effort to save it. You also, please do your part. I can’t say all this to you, just hoping that maybe someday you understand. But today, I really wish that you understand…

Yours Ever and Forever…