In a relationship, it’s important we maintain balance. Dominance can’t ensure stability of any relationship. Apart from these simple necessities, girls do wish for 10 additional things that their guy should know and follow! Here are the secrets, right from a Girl’s Heart –

1. FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE – Yes, we do know who we are dealing with. We understand who we are talking to. We don’t need your expert surveillance on every matter. We make mistakes, we create horrible blunders, but we learn from them too. If we’re into a problem, for a change, stop blaming us for it and let us handle it on our own. We might not be a social-expert like you, but we do learn and we can also take substantial decisions. So, for a change, give us freedom and independence to make our own decisions.

2. PAY FOR US – There should be a balance when it comes to paying bills. We are independent and earning, we understand, but we surely like if occasionally you take out your wallet for us! I’m not asking that guys should pay every time, but there are some guys who think that their wallet is like a disaster management plan, which should be opened up only in emergency cases!

3. TAKE OUT TIME – We don’t ask you to always stick by us, but it’s not healthy that you spend time only with your friends and ignore us like YouTube advertisements, when it comes to spending some quality time with us! All we ask for is, taking time for us once a week, taking us out for dinners or movie, or at least watching a movie at home.

4. COOK FOR US – No, we aren’t asking you to turn into full-time chefs, but it won’t kill you if you cook for us once a while? It’s always healthy if a man enters kitchen and help his partner. It will not only strengthen his bond with partner, but will also make the girl respect and love her for making an effort for her.

5. SUPPORT US WHEN WE ARE PMSing – Periods. Menstruation. Monthly Cycle. Do these words haunt you? If yes, then you don’t know what it really means to be PMSing. It’s a very normal, natural and inevitable (sadly) act that every woman on this planet goes through. It’s not something abnormal, or horrible. But it is painful (sometimes) and irritating (every time!). Imagine yourself to turn into a leaky pipe every month. The wetness and the cramps act as a cherry on top and make the experience all the more disgusting for us. All we expect at this time is your support and care. It won’t hurt you to make a cup of hot tea or get a chocolate bar for us. There’s no need to avoid or ignore your girls during such a crucial time. I know many guys who do that, and believe me, their girls hate them for it but can’t say this out loud. Try to understand your girls at this time, treat them with gentle affection and love, avoid fighting or scolding them for anything during this time. Everything can wait!

6. TREAT OUR FAMILY AS YOUR OWN – Guys usually run away when it comes to a healthy-family meet. If we can live in your house, as a member, and treat your family as our own, can’t you do the same for us at least when you meet our family? You don’t live with us, you don’t meet our parents everyday, can’t you behave as their son just when you meet them? That’s what every girl wishes for, not all have the courage to admit.

7. UNDERSTAND OUR FEELINGS IN BED – This is a sensitive topic about which 90% girls don’t even initiate a talk. Guys think that they’re the only one who want sex, and that it should happen according to their wish and schedule. But it’s not so. Girls also want a rigorous exercise, only that sometimes they don’t say it directly, and give you certain signs. If you’re getting even a slight hint, don’t shy away from talking about it, may be your girl wants it tonight? Some girls are submissive and keep their feelings locked in their hearts, it’s you who have to read them out!

8. TAKE INTEREST IN OUR LIVES – We don’t ask you to interfere in our lives and keep on bugging us about what we do and what we don’t. But we do expect you to take adequate interest in our profession and our work. Understand that we also work like you, and we also have similar workload and burden as you do, so sometimes we also need some advice on professional front, and it won’t hurt you to ask us about our office-life once a while.

9. THEY ARE YOUR KIDS TOO – When you have babies, fathers tend to corner away from responsibilities and behave like bachelors, which isn’t going to help! Mothers are the only ones who are attending Parent-Teacher meets and mothers are the only ones who know about best friends of their child and his/her favorite food. Fathers are also responsible for the birth of a child, then why do you run away when it comes to actually being a ‘father’? It’s not difficult to talk to your child every night, and know what’s going on in his life. Spend time with your kids too, and understand their needs.

10. TRUST US – If we have a male-best friend in office, or college, it doesn’t mean we are cheating on you. If we have some secrets with our friend, it doesn’t mean we are prioritizing him over you. If we hang out with our best friend, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy with you! You need to trust us with our friends, and you need to give us independence when it comes to spending some quality time with our friends.

Being transparent in a relationship is the key. Always maintain such a relationship that you don’t have to ask or inquire about your partner’s whereabouts. She herself should come to you and talk about her life. For that you need to make her comfortable and trust her, support her and help her. Your relationship will improve manifolds if you keep in mind these 10 points.