It was a cold winter month and I was sitting in the garden, enjoying the warm, sunny day, trying to complete the sweater I started 7 years ago. The blue coloured ball of wool was still crisp and fresh as new, and the half made sweater was shining in the sunlight.

I touched the sweater, the tiny arm-holes, which were incomplete and the half-knitted little body. I felt anĀ ache in my heart. I was taken back into time, when I started knitting this sweater for my first child. But fate had something else in store for me, neither could I complete the sweater, nor the baby in me. A miscarriage after 3 months, ended it all, and my hopes of becoming a mother were shattered.

But today, happiness has once again knocked my door, and I’m once again pregnant after 7 long years, and this time, I’ll complete both the tasks…

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