No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt

The plight of Indian women has changed a lot over-time, but still the ‘abla-naari’ status continues to prevail, when it comes to offering timely justice, and preventing any kind of gender based discrimination. There are still cases of molestation, domestic violence, rapes and sexual harassment, and the country doesn’t fails to surprise us with big names involved in such crimes. The hottest news of the nation nowadays is ‘Asharam Baapu’ and the allegations put forward by a girl of his grand-daughter’s age.

Where on one side we have inspirations like Sushmita Sen, who adopted two beautiful girls to showcase gender equality, we also witnessed ‘Damini Gang-Rape Case’ which put us into a dilemma whether to raise a girl-child at all? Killing her at birth is much better, than seeing her die each moment if history repeats its course and something like 16th December, 2012 happens to our own daughters!

I won’t say that female foeticide is wrong! Keeping in mind the status of the country, parents need to have heart of a lion to send their daughter anywhere at all. Even the neighbourhood isn’t safe anymore. Then why not kill her before birth only? A pain of few months is better than a pain of lifetime.

There are girls who are not raped, but are scarred for life by acid attacks. There are girls, who if survive both rape and acid-attack, are victimized and killed in honour-killings, if they love outside their caste or creed. If they survive that, then they are married to greedy families who burn them alive in the hunger of dowry. If they even survive that, then they bear the never-ending torture of her in-laws, to bless them with a baby-boy and not a baby-girl.

People want reforms on rape-convictions, they demand castration or death penalty for the rapist, but such laws can’t be implemented, you know why? Because what we get to witness is only a fraction, of what actually happens in reality! Many cases remain hidden and many stories remain untold, of girls who get raped and harassed by their own family members. The voice of their screaming eyes is seldom heard by anyone, and even if they come forward, they are forced to not demand a proper conviction because the criminal is either her father or brother!

At every step, life for an Indian woman is no less than a living hell. But still, in such difficult circumstances, we have many inspirations who teach us to walk with our head held high, and who make us strong enough to fight for ourselves in this male-dominating society! Dr Kiran Bedi, Sunitha Williams, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom and the Bollywood Divas who are loved by every single person of the country, are living examples that no matter what happens, we won’t lose hope.

If something can change our condition, it’s only education and awareness. Women need to put away the veil of illiteracy and ignorance, and come forward to demand justice wherever required. If someone molests you, instead of hiding it or putting it aside, you should come forward and complain. Maybe you end up saving many other lives?

Women need to help and support other women, and not blame their own community for injustice and crimes happening to them! We need to educate our sisters and our daughters, make them all aware about what can happen to them, impart proper sex-education to children in school, and teach the younger girls, the difference between ‘good and bad’ touch. Whenever you visit a secluded place, make sure you carry some weapon or a kitchen knife or pepper spray along, your mobile phone should be fully charged and functional, you should keep someone informed about your whereabouts and always take familiar routes.

Scenario in the country can change, only if we change our mentality! If men can’t improve their thoughts about women, then women should be made powerful enough to provide a counter-attack to men if needed.

The day we’ll all stand for ourselves, Indian women will no longer be called an ‘abla-naari’!

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  • Radhika

    October 11, 2013


  • poojasri

    June 17, 2014

    it is beautiful i love it it gave be new energy and confiedence

    • Mehek

      June 17, 2014

      🙂 Thanks Poojasri!