Protests, the most common and peaceful way of opposing something, but they ‘rarely’ lead to any constructive reformations; and in India, the number of the ‘rare’ occasions is approaching to zero almost at a velocity of light!

May it be the 16th December, 2012 Rape Case or a female trafficking case, or a child sexual harassment case, everything heats up the public, but eventually they have to cool down for the powerful, will never let any reform take place, not in hundred years!

We talk of Indian constitution that needs certain changes, some new laws that need to be implemented. The family bonds in the nation are so strong, that in a way, they mask the incest cases and sexual harassment which is happening inside the homes. Moreover even marital rape is a non-criminal activity, and then we ask, where is justice?

Recently I read news about Dubai’s verdict over an allegation posed by a Norwegian woman, and the king pronounced that the woman can leave the country and go wherever she wants to! What kind of verdict is that? Instead of giving any conviction to the rapists, the king ‘freed’ the woman, naming it justice!

In Dubai, they have a law that states that an intercourse will be considered rape, only if 4 male adults come forward as witnesses, otherwise it will be considered ‘sex-outside-marriage’ and in that case, a woman is the one who should be held responsible, and punished! What kind of rule is that? Does that provide security to the tourists or the women who come from other places to work in Dubai? Where is Justice?

Few years ago, there was an Australian woman, who faced similar circumstances, but she wasn’t lucky enough to be ‘freed’ by the king under the name of ‘verdict’, rather she was subjected to 11 months imprisonment, and her passport was also confiscated.

Even listening to such cases, I feel ‘lucky’ to be an Indian citizen. Not in the matter of security, but definitely in the matter of Justice! Although we also don’t have any constructive measures which can provide a full-proof justice to the victims, but at least we don’t have such horrendous acts and laws that completely mask criminals!

This was the case of Dubai, if we talk about South Africa, circumstances are WORSE there. Not only female sexual harassment cases are on the heights, but even baby-rapes are so high in number, and some cases are ‘soul-shakers’, which I don’t have the courage to discuss here. You yourself can imagine, that being a girl child and being born in South Africa, is the biggest punishment one can get. More than 65’000 cases were reported, and the census claims, because of family members greatly involved, this is just a ‘fraction’ of the actual number.

How low can we fall? How can we forget our morale? I don’t understand, what goes on the mind of men who commit such heinous crimes with their own daughters, so shamelessly! How will they react if the same thing happens with their own mothers or sisters?

If such cases have doubled in India, the number has risen over four times in one of the most developed nations, United States of America. America registers thousands of sexual harassment and rape cases every year, out of which 90% are against women and remaining against men. More than the severity of such cases, what shocks me the most is, that in USA 1 out of every 3 girls, is victimized at least once in her life. The number is so high, that living with such a horrible thing becomes a burden.

It’s not a problem of our nation, but entire human-kind. If somewhere, justice is denied, then somewhere, the number is so high and the laws are so weak, that instead of protecting the victims, the laws are now cloaking the criminals!

It’s an issue not to be solved at a city or state or national, or even world level but at a level of humanity. When a man will come to understand the pain a woman goes, in bearing a child, giving him birth, the pain that she undergoes in bringing a new life on this planet, and then also she is treated as a commodity, the fear that she carries with herself wherever she goes, the fear of being viewed as a sex-object, the fear of being touched by a stranger, fear of being molested and raped by a male who will satisfy his urge and leave the female with a never-ending trauma of a lifetime.

It’s shameless, to why we ‘worship’ so many female figures, when we can’t respect even a baby? It’s shameless, why men get married to a woman, with all sacred rites and rituals, when he can’t respect her in future? It’s shameless, why a man has the ability to impregnate a woman, when he can’t protect his daughter, and rather become a monster in his lust? And every victim thinks, it’s shameless, why we even have ‘men’ on this planet?

Where is Justice…?


Census and Data Source: Google and Wikipedia.

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      July 31, 2013

      Thank you so much, dear 🙂