PEACE: Freedom from disturbance, quiet and tranquility.

We live in a world, where more than love and peace, people like spreading hate and war. Either those are the developed and powerful nations which spread war in other under-developed nations, by quoting them to be dangerous-in-future, or there are some people who hate each other for no reason.

We’re surrounded by easy and easiest means of communication and I think they captured and subjugated the world for worse. More we communicate, more secrets are passed on, and more rivalries occur. Imagine your calls getting reduced to only 10 minutes per day, won’t that be awesome? People will give up all the gossips and useless talks, and will use telephones and mobile phones, only for the purpose they were made: ‘passing on useful and urgent messages’.

Social networking sites have triggered the hatred in the world even more. Sites like facebook are coming up with pages for each nation and religion, and then, there is war! On every nation’s page, we can always see the counter-attacks from rival nationalities. Similarly, on every religious page, we can see hatred from people of other religions.

Earlier, there was much more peace and calmness in lives of people, when they minded their own business, but now, they focus on thinking about counter-comment to make the opponent feel small and ashamed of his religion or nationality. Everyone has a right to choose his nation, and if someone is belonging to a particular religion, it’s majorly because of his family. Individuals making choices upon religious preferences are very low in number as compared to those who are bound by it due to hereditary norms and conditions. Religion is like relatives, we get related to it, by birth. It’s in very rare cases that people have a choice to change it.

Nowadays, society is changing and we can see many inter-caste and inter-religion marriages taking place in diverse-yet-unified nations like ‘India’. Even though at many places honour-killings occur, but a significant group of society has started accepting such proposals as well. It gives me immense pleasure to see things change, to see people maintaining and retaining their individuality, and with India, legalizing same sex marriage, we’re also not much behind, than the western nations, in terms of individual freedom and dignity.

Leaving all this behind, if we focus on main issue, which is peace, we’ll face two major questions:

1. Where is peace?

2. Why is there no peace?

Of course, answer to the first question is ‘nowhere’. Peace is nowhere because there is no individual nowadays who can say that he’s completely and totally satisfied with his life. Even the celibate religious saints now seek physical and bodily pleasures!

Secondly, if there is no peace anywhere, then why? The answer is pretty simple. Look around you, you’ll find your life surrounded with multiple gadgets and technical innovations, which have not only invaded your mind, but also your soul. Smart phones have made people dumb! There was a time, when phones were used only to make a call, but now, phones are used for everything else, except making a call. Where earlier we were afraid to expose our phones to severe climatic conditions, like rainfalls, while now, one can also take the phone to shower or swimming!

Such technology has invaded us completely, as we can’t do any task without phones in our hand. While eating, travelling, talking, sleeping, waking, morning, evening, night, we need our phone with us. Architects are also becoming smart now, they are designing rooms and homes in which there is an electricity point near the bed-side to keep you more occupied, and then there is wifi, which has eliminated the need of wires to connect to the world. Just a few clicks, and the world is with you, then how can you expect peace?

Peace is something attained only when the mind is at rest, loneliness creeps in, and we can think about our self, our life, our missions and goals. But we simply don’t have time to do that, because, all we’re worried about is, someone else’s life, someone else’s achievements or failures and missions and goals, and what we forget? Our own self!

Every night, while going to sleep, we think about so many things that we could have done in the entire previous day, but we didn’t, why? Because whole day passed out, just like that, without doing anything productive, we just wasted the precious 24 hours of our life, in doing nothing, or just wasting our time on people who won’t matter later on. This is how the entire week, entire month, and entire year will pass on and we’ll be left with questions like:

1. Why only me? Why can’t I get success?

2. I take a pledge to be productive from next year!

But, do we remember those pledges from 2nd January (second day of new year) onwards? Hardly a fraction of crowd does, but almost all pledges vanish by the mid of the year and we’re again at the same platform from where we tried to board a different train last year.

The point is, why to take pledges to change our lifestyle from a new year, when you can make a change from now onwards? People ask me, how do I manage time? How can I score 80% in computer engineering, and maintain two facebook pages, one website, have a cool social life too and also work upon a book, all at the same time? I always answer them:

‘I hardly waste my time in thinking about people who don’t matter, and instead, use that time in doing something which is beneficial for me. Whenever free or idle, I write, and pass my time by submerging myself into a new world of new characters of my stories, instead of watching some stupid soap-operas. Whenever getting bored, I try learning new words from dictionary which can help improve my vocabulary, and this is how I kill my boredom.

If I’ve written only one paragraph in the day, my day is termed productive. I don’t believe in writing in masses, but short and small pieces of writing, which can keep you regular, is my key point. This article which you’re reading; was written in the time-span of three days, with hardly 10 minutes of sitting each day, but in the end, it was worth it. It kept me regular, busy and occupied for three days!’

This is my story, ask yourself, what do you do each day that you can sleep in peace at night? Make sure that every night before sleeping, you have a small list of things you did, apart from the ones you were supposed to do anyways. Like, going to school/college isn’t a part of that list, because that’s something you are supposed to do, even though you don’t want to! That list should have things like:

1. I walked for 20 minutes.

2. I started with a new diet plan.

3. I wrote an article.

4. I fed some street dogs.

Anything is better, than sitting lazily on a couch and watching TV, or wasting your time in entertaining some strangers on social networking websites, which in my opinion, is the sickest thing possible! Try to make your life busy and occupied, so you don’t have time for useless and waste stuff, so that you can make your life prolific and fruitful and so that you can live at peace!

One Life…

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  Comments (6)

  • shahzan

    August 23, 2013

    toooooo goood

    • Mehek

      August 23, 2013

      Thank you 🙂

  • Raghav Gakhar

    September 21, 2013

    well, nicely written article but talking about the peace ,for sure it comes from my mind and goes till our heart ,now the gadgets help us in attaining peace many a times . we hear music on ipods,laptops,etc. with phone or say social networking we speak to our closest buddies or parents (skype to talk face to face with our parents if we are miles away), that speaking half an hour to parents is so peaceful for them , that comes through tech. yes,we must over burden our mind with secondary things but we must appreciate millions of engineers working for us .

    coming back to the point of rival nations fighting on facebook, i personally feel that’s waste of time but these things are happening since millions of ages , those who we hate we abuse them or say debate furiously with them, yes one thing which you haven’t raised is the spying by NSA on us which is big breach of privacy .

    i also feel those who go through break ups usually spend lot of time in front of computer either playing computer games or on social networking to pass time and get out of the memories of their loved ones.

    Raghav Gakhar

  • Varsha

    October 3, 2013

    Omg….yeh toh eye-opener tha..D

    • Mehek

      October 4, 2013

      Thank you 🙂

  • Raphael

    February 27, 2019

    ………….more wow