So much news about rape these days that a newspaper without this term seems incomplete! Flipping through the pages of the daily newspaper, if I don’t find one more new rape case or molestation or sexual harassment, I feel either some pages of the paper are missing, or maybe I’ve woken up in another timeline. It doesn’t feel like it. It’s shameful and disgusting. I know. But it’s a habit now. We switch the TV on. It’s there in the news. It’s there all over. We can’t help it. Change the channels, and it’s still there. If they’re not showing it as a breaking news, they’re adding it’s segments up in the daily headlines, or worse, as that lousy text running at the bottom of the screen.


Some people say it’s because girls wear too less clothes. Some blame mobile phones. Some blame late night parties, and some target male-friends, boyfriends, or their social circles. Some call it a natural act. While some are happy because at least they are safe! Some think it’s just a mistake, not a crime, while some think it’s bound to happen. Some think girls falsely accuse boys and frame them, while some think it’s just and required to keep females in their limits! Some think it can’t stop, while some think it is an old tradition and will go on like this!


Nobody will listen to the feminists who are vandalizing walls, holding up banners and slogans, adding up photos on the internet about how rape is a horrible thing! Nobody can understand the pain of the victim (male or female) who underwent that agony, who experienced his body being used against his will by someone else. It’s not the physical pain that’s traumatizing, it’s the mental trauma, the depression that follows afterwards.


When the accused culprits of Delhi Gang-rape (16 Dec. 2012) are still breathing, how can we expect justice to the victims of 2014 cases?


If someone can do something, it’s ‘us’. We, as people, must educate people around us, if not educate, at least change the mentality of those who are casual about rapes and molestation, who are misogynists for all the females who aren’t their sisters or daughters, who think that it’s perfectly okay if a rape has happened elsewhere and not in their own household. Such people exist everywhere, and sometimes, even in your own family. We need to stand for the victims DOESN’T MATTER if she’s not from your family, after all, you can’t wait for someone from your family to become a victim, can you?

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  • prachi

    June 16, 2014

    nyc thought ….but it’s really difficult to make dem understnd ….even aunties in neighbour or our mami ji tai ji ….dey al are alike …don’t evn want to listen… dey keep on blaming n say ,”aj ki generation to aese ee h ab kya kare ….ar ise dekho bol ri h ldki ki kya glti h”. Dey always blame a grl for a rape . Dey will never goin to chng n some how if anybody wants to chng dey will not goin to make dat happen.

    • Mehek

      June 16, 2014

      Prachi, I know changing someone’s mentality which has been defined by five or six decades, is next to impossible, but we can make our close ones understand, and we can start the change with ourselves. If we won’t be lured by the neighborhood aunties, we can surely teach better things to our kids, and this way, the older generation will be left behind one day and newer generation will be more outward and broad-minded, and maybe then we can expect a bigger change in society! 🙂

  • prachi

    June 18, 2014

    yes i will….surely n ee will really build a new generation wid a difference.