Republic, err…no! India is now addressed as the ‘Rape’ Public with all the crimes going on at a massive scale, and the government officials maintaining a constant silence like ‘Barfi’…well, at least he managed to say his name in the movie, but here, the people in power are simply mute to the pleadings of common man, deaf to the cries of victims and blind to whatever is going on in the nation. With so many candle marches and protests held against the government, no action has been taken till today, i.e. 03rd January, 2013. December 2012 will be remembered as a black month in the history, but for how long? The government officials are taking the ‘three monkeys’ symbolized by Baapu (Mahatma Gandhi), far too seriously. He symbolized ‘see no evil, hear no evil, and talk no evil’. But today the politicians have adapted to simply one motto ‘see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing’.

Such shameless people are in power today that they don’t even resign after being allegedly accused for such repugnant corruption cases against them. We vote for them, elect them with a hope that when we will need them, they will come to our rescue, help the people; but opposite happens. Women are publicly molested, people are exploited and the nation is raped daily with all the corruption cases and frauds in the country. Not only sexual harassment, but people are exploited daily emotionally, mentally and socially. Not even the social networking sites are free anymore.

That was one girl who was raped on 16th December, 2012, and the nation woke up. But government is still deep asleep! The accused are still alive while the victim is dead. The matter is not whether those 6 rapists will be punished or not, but the matter is when will all this ‘STOP’? When will India become truly free for girls and women? We cannot even dream about going out in our own town, Ludhiana, after 8pm, save those big metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc.

Today people not only demand justice for the departed soul of the victim, but a strong rule and fast track courts to handle such cases in a bound time. But the question arises; will any of the demands get fulfilled? Or the people will as usual become quiet after a few more protests and marches? Will the victim be forgotten and people will consequently get over it? Or this calls for another revolution in India?

I heard some people demanding that girls should be taught martial arts and karate and other defence activities. But what if they are attacked by 10 or 20 or even more men? Over powering those men looks easy in movies and Bollywood drama flicks, but in reality, not even a black belt can do that with ease. Instead of teaching protection techniques to girls, how about teaching ‘NOT TO RAPE’ to men? Instead of making girls physically strong, how about making men ‘respect the sex that gave them birth’?

This topic has endless discussion and infinite view points, but what I felt, I jotted it down. It no doubt invites so many conflicting issues, but that’s all I felt, and thought to add in my site, so here it is…

Lastly I’ll conclude by few lines of my own:

I sacrificed so much for you, brother.

I loved and cared for you always, boyfriend.

I gave up so much for you and your family, husband.

I gave you birth with so much pain, son.

I am the ‘woman’, without whom your existence is impossible!

And what do you do to me? Rape me, molest me, kill me and end it all?

This is how I get re-paid? Today I demand an answer, today I want justice…

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