I’m a nail artist. I’m a writer. I’m a creative person in mind and that’s why I relate this entire world with my art. The world is like a nail, you might think I’m wrong, because a nail is contradictory to the vastness of the world, but I’m telling you, what I feel like.

This world is like a nail, and life is a bottle of acetone. Many people come, draw their paintings, their art, leave their marks, but life, it wipes them off clean every time, so that new people can come and draw at the nail, which acts as a blank canvass to this world. Life isn’t a very complicated or complex thing, but utterly simple. It’s we who make it complicated.

Now imagine yourself as an artist, and you’re drawing your dreams and thoughts on a nail. You draw it completely, achieve what you want, you are successful in getting the picture you imagined. Now what? Now it’s the time to vacate the canvass for another painting, it’s time for life to wipe you clean from the map of this world, so that you can be replaced by someone else. And that someone else is nobody else, but your own child. Your children get the same canvass to draw on, which their parents left for them. You achieve your dreams, and you plant a seed in your child’s mind which blooms into a dream that he wants to achieve in future. Now it’s his turn to draw at the canvass and now it’s his time to make a painting that is the most beautiful thing of the world – to him.

Life as a blank canvass – so simple, and life as a matter of birth and death, as a matter of carrying out responsibilities, maintaining relationships – so tough! Why can’t we choose the simple part and focus on our own happiness first? Why can’t we simply focus on our own canvass and concentrate on our own drawing instead of looking around and wasting time? Life has to wipe everybody’s canvass at the end, then why waste even a single second? I don’t want my painting to be incomplete, do you want yours to be incomplete? Obviously not! So, let’s focus on our lives, let’s live it the way we want to and let’s simply work on achieving our dreams and fulfilling our passions, for life is a bottle of acetone, and it will wipe each nail off in the end…

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  Comments (6)

  • ankit

    May 21, 2014

    Wow kya likha hai. Nail art se life tak. Too good 🙂

    • Mehek

      May 21, 2014

      Thank you 🙂

  • Rishi Behl

    August 22, 2014

    Just WOW 😀

    Mehek i’m a big fan of yours .
    Your work , it always motivate me

    Thankyou Mehek 😀

    • Mehek

      August 22, 2014

      Thanks a lot 🙂

  • pooja baradia

    June 3, 2017

    I don’t want my painting to be incomplete! thanks

    fellow quoran

    • Mehek

      June 13, 2017

      Thank you Pooja! 🙂