Recently there has been a lot said and witnessed about the so-called ‘rising Intolerance’ in India. Media reports that it is not safe for people to be in this country anymore. Muslims are so in danger that they should either make their own separate place or simply kill the Hindus to make place here! That’s what our media secretly wants, and propagates in the name of ‘new-reporting’ everyday. Almost every new day, starts with something horrible like –

Some Muslim author got black-ink spilled over him in one of his book-launches.

Some Muslim man killed because of storing beef/meat in his house.

Some Muslim man denied home in Mumbai because of his religion.

Some Muslim man denied permission to have his music-concert here.

What Media does not tell you is that –

Almost 18 crore people in India are Muslims, and there are more than 3 lac active mosques!

The film industry is ruled by Khans, and the net-income of Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan – combined is around $1000 million. Let’s not even talk about Saif Ali Khan here!

The Muslim actors are not only free to make movies, earn money, but are also ‘loved’ by the Hindu-audience! (Let’s not forget the exorbitant amount of money they’ve made in all these years!). And Muslims in India are free to choose any profession, the women are free to wear anything, and there are no hard-and-fast rules that bind them either unlike extreme-Islamic countries!

The Muslims – if they were so oppressed, we won’t have reservations for them (considering them as a minority) in every sphere, starting from government jobs to government education institutes and even in parliament! Which Islamic country gives reservation to it’s Hindu minorities?

But let’s not compare India to Pakistan. Pakistan is more of a terrorism affected and terrorism-supporting nation, and now that General Pervez Musharraf himself has admitted nurturing terrorism, the debate is over! So, let’s talk about India.

With all the ‘authors’ and ‘poets’ returning their national awards, it’s not an insult to the current government, but an insult of the awards which are given to them considering them to be worthy of their contribution towards literature and academics. Returning of awards by just a bunch of Congress-awarded authors and poets is a political move to disturb the country’s environment and nothing else! If it’s not that, then ask yourself – out of over thousands of Sahitya Akademi Awards, why only around 30 people returned it? If there’s so much intolerance in the country, why not everyone is returning their awards? You can know more about the ‘returnees’ here, and you will get the answers yourself –

(READ: Meet your Sahitya Akademi Award ‘returnees’ here – Meet Your Sahitya Akademi Award Returnees)

People are saying that we shouldn’t make India into a “Hindu Pakistan“. So, they think what Hindus go through in Pakistan, is what Muslims go through in India? Well, let me state a few true ‘facts’ here – In Pakistan, Hindus boys can’t marry Muslim girls. If that happens by mistake, or if they are in love, the boy’s family is killed and slaughtered like animals!

1. In Pakistan, Hindu-women get kidnapped, converted, raped, married against their will, sold off into prostitution, and all this has been happening since 1947!

2. In Pakistan, you can speak against any religion, burn holy books and holy places openly – just on one condition that the religion should be any, but Islam! Hindu temples are torched, books are torn, people are killed and no one can do anything!

3. In Pakistan, there is no reservation or special law for Hindus (minorities) in their educational or jurisdictional or legislative bodies.

4. In many Pakistani schools – students and teachers, ‘advice’ Hindu students to adopt Islam and become ‘holy’, and teach them that their religion is ‘unholy’ and that they are infidels (‘Kafirs’).

5. In many Pakistani areas, town governments ‘warned’ people against celebrating Hindu festivals like Diwali!

6. In Pakistan, the plight of Hindus is ‘much-more’ miserable than anyone can imagine!

Well, if you think the above stated facts are not true, read the below account of ‘How it feels to be a Hindu in Pakistan?’ This question & the two (out of many) answers are picked up from Quora ‘without’ any modification, and they are written by Pakistani Hindus so they can better explain the situation there –

What does it feel like to be a Pakistani Hindu?

(From the perspective of an anonymous sufferer who narrated his story with rather pain and misery)

It is a silent genocide.

The pseudo-secular Indian (and global) media will keep repeating the “atrocities” of the Gujarat riots, not realizing that they were not one-sided events, more than 200 Hindus were killed as well, but what they will not tell you is that from 1947 to 2010, the percentage of Hindus in Pakistan has decreased from 22% to 1%.

Some have been killed by the Taliban, others have been forced to convert to Islam. My own family has been threatened. We have been asked to choose any one option out of these three:

1. Convert to Islam

2. Emigrate out of Pakistan (leaving behind our property)

3. Get killed

Most of us are choosing the second option. And most of us are leaving for India. There is no future for us in Pakistan. The irony of the situation is not lost upon us. What is now called Pakistan was once the centre of Hindu civilization in Vedic times. But we guess that such a time had to come.

The brutalities of Pakistan’s former military dictatorships and the hardline Islamists is beyond description. I guess one has to experience them to believe them.

Most of my distant relatives already left for India in 1947. For most of them, their lives turned out be good. They told us that leaving behind one’s homes for India was worth it. We too wanted to do the same, but kept procrastinating it, out of love for our ancestral property. But finally the time has come and my entire family has decided to emigrate to India. We have even sent an application to the Indian consulate. Hundreds of other Hindu families have decided to do the same.

As for Pakistan, its rotten state of affairs can only get more rotten in the future with America having strengthened its grip on Afghanistan and India’s hold of Kashmir getting stronger. Pakistan’s fate is only going to get worse.

This may seem to be a biased point of view, but this what most of us believe to lessen our hardship.

In any case, we hope for the best.

Life in India can’t be that bad after all.

Now, the second answer, from the perspective of another Hindu, for whom situations weren’t as unfortunate as for the brother who answered this question above. I’m not including the entire answer (which you can read on Quora), but just one photo from the answer –


The picture above showcases how one Hindu man (the one in black T-Shirt), is friends with all the Muslim men, and still feels safe and sound in their company! He also mentions in his answer, how they all celebrate all the Hindu festivals together. But there are also many things that he goes on explaining like how some Muslim extremists rape and convert Hindu girls, how population of Hindus in Pakistan has reduced from 10% to 1% and how Hindu temples are burned and destroyed so ‘normally’! This is the last line from his answer –

If I had to sum up the situation with a handful of words, I’d put it like this,“For every bad guy out there are 10 good guys, but that 1 bad guy is total liberty at and will destroy you and your family one day. This ratio of 10:1 keeps dropping as you move from urban to rural areas”. Now that I think about it, the statement applies to the general climate in Pakistan as well, but that’s a topic for another day…

You can read both the answers (and even more) at this link – What Does it feel like to be a Pakistani Hindu?

Let’s not talk about Pakistan anymore, as the main topic is – Is intolerance actually rising in India?

The answer is NO. It’s not.

Intolerance and ‘unfortunate incidents’ are two different things! Dadri case was an unfortunate incident – something that happens in every country of the world, and people lost their minds as if Hindus were searching for people who were keeping beef in their refrigerators! Connecting unfortunate incidents to religion, caste, creed, community is just plain-stupid and starting religious-wars and hate-crimes on the base of that is even stupider! Calling yourself ‘secular’ and then propagating false news like ‘Muslim man denied a home in Mumbai’ is also plain non-sense. And that’s for Indian Media, who think that Hindus just want to kill Muslims in India, as if nobody has got another job to do!

We are all working people. We don’t have tons of gold and diamonds in our backyard that we can stop working and go on killing spree with strong political contacts to save our asses! We are all middle-class or even upper-middle class, but working people. We all need to take care of ourselves and our families, and we all need a peaceful future for us and our children, and that is what Mr Shah Rukh Khan said in his statement earlier –


“If we are going to keep talking about religion, we are going to go back to the dark ages. It’s shocking to me. I don’t think religious intolerance is a way forward for any country. It is the worst kind of thing that can happen”

When Mr Khan just meant that talking about religion, fighting for religion, killing people of other religions – it’s all going to take us back into the dark-ages, while we should actually focus more on core topics like poverty, hunger, education, technology and development. Indian media again stepped in, and modified his statement into something that sounded like ‘India is becoming intolerant for Muslims. We all should rise against Hindus and do something about this situation!’

Let’s not forget the contribution of Indian media in serving as biggest anti-nationals for the country, and modifying the news from sugar to salt and making it reach the public with their own dash of some extra chili powder, so that people do nothing, but just wander on streets with open swords and go on killing each other, so that they can make money out of the TRPs they gain out of that idiotic event!

If you are educated enough to read this article, you are educated enough to understand the ‘real’ issue here. It’s not Hindus. It’s not Muslims. It’s the people who have no religion, who want to divide the country just for their own material profits! We are students, we are teachers, we are doctors, engineers, army-men, actors, artists, authors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, we are the public who has build this nation and we are the people who contribute every year to the huge economy we have generated! We are the people who pay taxes and live in harmony with our friends and relatives of different religions. We must not forget that we are the youth of the country who have the ability of taking it forward, and scrubbing off the boundaries of religion, caste and community that confine us in one place and prevent us to grow. We are the coming generation, and we certainly don’t want our kids to see ‘This kind of India’! Let’s not forget that this nation has given us everything, why not we contribute our share now and STOP propagating false news, STOP exaggerating things, STOP spreading and sharing news that has hatred and definitely STOP ‘reacting’ to Indian-media’s false claims of the country becoming Intolerant!

Nothing is intolerant. And India is certainly not a ‘Hindu Pakistan’. If we use our own brains, and think about more constructive, than destructive ideas – our country can surely grow and mark it’s name in the world for centuries to come! Let’s not fight, but live in peace. Let’s not kill each other, but love each other.

You get only one life. It’s your destiny that you are born in a Muslim or a Hindu family – but it’s your Choice, whether you die a Muslim, a Hindu, or a ‘human’…

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  Comments (17)

  • Prakhyath

    November 5, 2015

    Do you think that by spreading intolerance, BJP will get any benefit! They spent their last few years in changing the perception that few sections of people had. They portrayed their ideas of development. They sent their so called “Ram Mandir” ideas to back seat.

    Do you think by spreading intolerance, Congress or left ideology will get any benefit! The answer seems yes. They lost their vote bank. They don’t have any issue that stimulates intellect and get them votes. So they will appeal to emotions.

    • Mehek

      November 5, 2015

      That is exactly my point! It’s all done by a group of people who want financial/material benefit out of spreading outrage and hatred among communities. While the common man is the one who’s crushed among all the ruckus. Thanks for your valuable opinion, Prakhyath 🙂

  • kaushalesh vaishnav

    November 6, 2015

    Hi Mehek, I completely agree. The people who blame on India and her people for being intolerant themselves do not understand that it is tolerant Indian values only that gave them courage to speak their mind. If they are really concerned about the intolerance or any religious or social discrimination then they should not have taken any awards at all. They have no sympathy on kashmiri pandits, millions of them killed in genocide,no sympathy for sikh riot victims??. In a nutshell this is only a political drama of paid intellectuals of a particular political party. After all.they are returning the favour of their political patrons.

    • Mehek

      November 7, 2015

      I completely agree with every word you wrote here, Kaushalesh. Thank you for your valuable comment here! 🙂

  • Richa

    November 25, 2015

    First of all thanks Mehek for writing this article. There is no place as safe for a Muslim as India is so this issue of ‘intolerance’ doesn’t make sense at all. Recently Aamir Khan made a statement on this issue. First the actor says that he don’t want to indulge in politics and then he makes a statement that has a political agenda behind it. People like these don’t understand that what they are doing will only damage the country’s image, the country which had given them fame. Same goes for the people who are returning their national awards. I don’t know what they expect form tolerant people??

    • Mehek

      November 28, 2015

      The ‘tolerance’, ‘intolerance’ drama is all done to defame BJP and PM Modi, which won’t lead the nation anywhere, but back into the medieval ages from where we have been rising slowly and steadily since PM Modi’s reign started! He gave us ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Jan Dhan Yojna’, ‘IMPRINT’ and many more initiatives which will take India to a new level, but people will focus on trivial issues more than the core issues…


    December 7, 2015

    People are now self-aware because of social media and they are realising that this is a PR propaganda stories planted for political purpose, this days the people on Twitter & Facebook are in full support of PM and his party which is working for progress, however we have to take a note that our traditional media like TV channels is giving too much time to this fake news, TV news covers a smallest of the smallest unworthy news about the minority & do not pursue serious crimes that takes place against Majority, this has to stop.
    We have so much tolerance that we attended the funeral of a Anti National Terrorists in Masses & our media carry out its broadcast for 24 hr. so please people,why are you even using the word Intolerance?

    • Mehek

      December 9, 2015

      I totally agree with your point of view here. That’s the reason I posted this article in the first place. Intolerance is a non-existent thing which is deliberately being instigated without any purpose, just to divert the mainstream attention and focus the national attention on issues of low-importance.

  • Rajdeep Desai

    December 29, 2015

    A small correction-Pakistani Hindu population was 22% in 1947 and Sikh population was around 2-5%.

    Otherwise I agree to your point

    • Mehek

      December 31, 2015

      Thanks for the correction 🙂

  • Anchit

    January 15, 2016

    Well!! U said that let us not compare India with Pakistan but than u compared.. Well I don’t think any of those people who are saying that intolerance level is increasing have said they want to go to Pakistan. None of them but I still believe there is a little bit of intolerance in a small section of society

  • Vivek

    February 3, 2016

    What are your views on caste based reservation given in education?

    • Mehek

      February 3, 2016

      There should be no reservation – simple as that. My views are very straightforward in this domain…

      • Pusppa

        June 5, 2016

        I totally agree with your point of view
        towards reservation system. It’s being abused by some group of people and use it for wrong cause.According to me reservation system should exist but on the basis of economic conditions so that it’s benefit will reach to right persons.

  • Sunil

    January 25, 2017

    I reply u shorty… Muslims are intoranent people..So many countries ban Islam and Muslims immigrants…Because they only faith own religion not faith own laws of land..One thing about reservation… Reservation based upon constitution..It’s based upon social decrimination and economy..First read constitution..And faith of Muslims..Then u told..Other wise its Ur opinion is bullshit..

    • Mehek

      January 26, 2017

      Thanks for your opinion Sunil. But I would like to state a few facts straight out of my life – I am living with a Muslim, and she’s ‘stopped’ eating non-vegetarian food because we live in the same house, and she does not want to hurt my faith, as I am a Hindu! She’s my roommate and better than ‘hindu’ classmate/friends I made in class. The countries which are banning Islam/Muslims, are also banning a lot of other things, which should never be banned (yes, I am talking about USA, and they are also making a wall on Mexican border – that does not make them right, does it?). Secondly, I am very much educated about our constitution, it’s our republic day today (26th January), and I respect the laws our ancestors made, but the law regarding reservations was made by – Honorable B.R. Ambedkar – who also stated in clear words that “This law should be abolished within 10 years from now, so that people do not start misusing it”. But after that Nehru/Gandhi family started ruling and their entire vote banks shifted to minorities and reservations.

      I am also giving a supporting link in case you think I am unaware of the laws/constitution –,d.c2I

      LASTLY – The ISIS or terrorism on global front, is largely supported and funded by USA. Russian President Mr Putin also gave an open interview about the same. ISIS was ‘created’ by USA to mine oil from Middle Eastern countries illegally. Now if tomorrow some radical group of Hindus are paid millions of dollars to bomb cities (which many poor Hindus will agree to do!), will that mean the entire religion is a terrorist? If you still have more doubts please feel free to write.

      Regards and Best Wishes

  • Ravi patel

    May 3, 2017

    Now they talk about intolerance but what about they slaughtered millins of hindus.