Women are often blamed as a complex species, and are often misunderstood. Some men even say that an entire lifetime of a man is also less to understand a woman! But, partly from the knowledge, and partly from personal experiences, I have discovered that women are the simplest of creatures, who just seek love and respect. If you neglect her, she’ll throw tantrums, just to gain your attention. If you love her, she’ll love you back, hundred times more. If you care for her, she’ll show you what ‘care’ actually means! If you ignore her, she’ll fight with you, because she’s always afraid to lose you. Any woman who loves her man truly, desires his attention far more than his wealth. A simple romantic date means a lot more than an emotionless exotic candle-light dinner. A red rose means far more than a bunch of exotic flowers. Women believe in simplicity, and that’s what they want. Give her time, and give her attention, you’ll never lose her. A woman is a mother, daughter, a sister, a friend, a life partner, and even if she’s a nobody, she’s always a helper! She’s the creator, she’s the perfect lover, she can be everything, just give her a chance to be!

– Mehek Bassi

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  • jaspreet

    March 8, 2014

    Awesome..perfect 🙂

    • Mehek

      March 8, 2014

      Thank You 🙂