They say, All’s Well, That Ends Well! Is it really so?

To every story in real life, there is not necessarily a happy ending. What we come across most of the times is, a complicated end, with no results, and sometimes no explanation. Instead of any answers, we’re left with more questions which drag us into a deep pool of oblivion.

Not every story has a happy ending, right? Some are destined to end at a sad note, while some are meant to remain incomplete. Not all love tales reach till wedding, some are killed and butchered mid-ways, while some are left to rot by the couple themselves, because of various different reasons. Let’s not go into that right now, because here I am to discuss, what fictional happy endings actually do to your real life!

Happy Endings make us happy, no doubt in that, but how many of them are actually ‘true’ ? What’s the use of being happy for some fake story, which never happened, and then again going back to your life which is full of problems? Doesn’t sound good, does it? We see movies, and I totally blame Indian Cinema for showcasing such bizarre case scenarios in movies that youngsters end up doing in real life, for example, committing suicide for love. I mean, come-on, you can’t be serious? Ending your life just because you couldn’t get him/her? This is not the way to waste such a beautiful gift of God.

I don’t always prefer writing stories with happy endings because of many reasons, and some of them being:

1. Sad Endings carry a sense of truth and reality in them, and they sometimes teach us to fight a particular situation, or curb a particular problem with grace and ease. Sad endings sometimes also prepare us inside and make us strong to fight a problem, instead of ending our lives.

2. Sad or Incomplete Endings are the ones which we encounter more than happy endings in real life. At least in my case, I’ve heard of more break-ups than hookups, and all the love stories again ended at sad notes, and hardly 1% of them reached marriage. We should focus on making our lives and our relationship better instead of just complaining about everything because we read more about happy endings, and so, we desire the same relationship for ourselves.

3. Instead of being happy and content with what you have, people nowadays are demanding more and becoming greedy. With every story, ending at a happy note, somewhere deep inside, I also wish to have a guy in my life, just like the protagonist of the story, I also wish to be loved and pampered in same way, in which he pampered his girl. But, sometimes, ahh, many times, we don’t get treated the same ways.

Obviously, this is a real life, where the guy (hero) has to work, he has his own personal life, personal space, and he cannot stick with you 24/7 just because you want him to? Or just because Shahrukh Khan does that in, Kal Ho Na Ho? Dude, he had no job to do except for making a movie, lip-syncing a few songs and hanging around with the movie cast, but a real guy works for his lady!

If you ever go through life history of king-khan himself, he also worked damn hard to get his lady luck, something that not every person does! But sadly, they don’t portray reality on screen, that’s the reason we all end up complaining as we are not satisfied with our relationships, just because some movie hero is beating our real life guy with every dialogue he speaks to impress the woman!

There are many more endless reasons to prove my point that not always happy endings are better. Sometimes, sad and incomplete love stories do such a wonder in your real life, that you end up appreciating what you have, and you end up praising your guy for being with you, whatever time he managed to, instead of cribbing about him not giving you attention or time.

You’ll end up cuddling with your guy and sneaking in the blanket, instead of being cold to him, just because Ranbir left his job for Deepika in Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani…seriously, that’s not the way to impress a girl!

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  Comments (6)

  • Name*

    August 5, 2013

    Message*u aa ryt..m agree..

  • Jay

    August 5, 2013

    Hmmmm yeah! Thats the true face of life. You cant just be lost in fantasies and day dreaming. There’s loads of things,experiences which are coming your way,except this love relationships,breakups and all.
    Sometimes these things really sucks,but well to be honest apart from creating disgust somehow these stuffs provide some amusement too. Aint. It??

    • Mehek

      August 6, 2013

      True! But with amusement, sometimes they also become the reason behind chronic pain in life! 🙂

  • Raghav Sharma

    August 14, 2013

    I don’t deny the fact that life is difficult, but isn’t life all about makin. Our dreams a reality? Like you gave the eg of SRK , he had a dream so he worked hard to achieve it. I know It’s easier said than done and we all make mistakes down the way but I believe life is all about overcoming the challenges set upon us and overcoming them

    • Mehek

      August 15, 2013

      Agreed 🙂 life is a beautiful journey, full of joy and pain… You never know when it will end, don’t let a moment pass in vain… 🙂

  • smiley

    January 4, 2014

    Message*weneva its da moment I read ur any article I just feel lyk sayin only one thing dat girl definitely uh vision nd words r lyk amzingggg 🙂 dammm trueeeee
    cnt tell uh , uh bring in up so much f positivity 😀 longg way to go !!