Sometimes, the relationships are so sticky, that the person wonders whether he himself is actually alive or just alive for the sake of his partner!

Stop Sticking Around! Everyone has a life ‘outside’ the relationship and everyone needs personal space and independence, and that means you should ‘not’ stick with your partner 24/7. A person has to work for himself too. Keeping in touch on phone-calls, chats, mails, video calls, then hanging out on dates, watching movies together, everything is cool, but in the end, ask yourself, do you have as much friends as you had when you were single? Do you have time for your own? Do you hang out with friends like before? If the answer to any of the questions is a ‘NO’, then that means you have given ‘way too much’ for your relationship!

Compromise and sacrifice are no doubt essential requirements for a relationship, but if that compromise is costing you more than you can pay, then STOP immediately! Talk to your partner and let things slow down a bit, take some time off from the relationship and focus on yourself, and your personal life.

If you have partner who says ‘Mere Photo ko seene se yaar, Chipka le Saiyyan Fevicol Se’, then just hang on, and think, are you ‘actually’ doing that? Are you actually sticking his photo or sticking the ‘person’, with yourself wherever you go? Are you?

Such a relationship usually ends up in ‘Dard-e-Tanhaayi’ that the heart cannot bear! Don’t be so badly attached to a person that you have to say ‘Saans Mein teri Saans mili to, Mujhe Saans Aayi…mujhe Saans Aayi’, you’ll end up becoming an asthma patient, literally! If your partner scolds you if you don’t text him every 10 seconds, then you should definitely ‘Take a Break’!

A person comes into a relationship for his own happiness, but what if the happiness is ruined by the relationship itself? If you yourself are not happy, how can you keep your partner happy? Can you?

Love is no doubt a strong emotion, sometimes you literally feel like ‘Tere liye aasman se Chand, Taare tod Laun’, but any sensible person wouldn’t even attempt to do that, right? You come into a relationship to feel good, and any relationship remains fresh only if you focus on yourself too! If you’ll keep talking to your partner all the time, one day or the other, you’ll wonder ‘what’ else to talk about? And you’ll end up saying, ‘Aur suna…aur bataa…’, which makes the relationship very monotonous and boring! To avoid this ‘aur suna, aur bataa…’ you should take some time out for yourself, so that you get some ‘real’ things to talk about! All the mushy and lovey-dovey talks can’t just go on forever, can they? One has to talk about some realistic things at times, as well.

Don’t just expect your partner to say, ‘Tareef karun kya uski, jisne tujhe banaya…’ all the time. Let’s get real, he’ll not praise you 24/7, nobody on the entire planet can do that. One needs to talk about some other things apart from just ‘You and Me’. You should praise your partner, you should tell him how he/she makes you feel, you should express your feelings, but not every second! If you are doing that, then you definitely need a break!

Don’t ‘spend’ way too much on your partner! If you expect yourself to sing ‘Ye Daulat bhi Le Lo, Ye Shahurat Bhi Le Lo…’ for your partner, then you are doing nothing but ending your own savings for a poor cause! Going out on dates, spending on each other, shopping together, everything is good, but don’t just blow up your money unnecessarily! Guys have this common habit of spending on girls, it’s really good if you respect and love your lady and you even pay for her, every time, but believe me, your girl wouldn’t like it at all, if you end up on footpath because of her! Even girls are sensible and you ‘should’ talk about expenses in a relationship. It’s really healthy for both the partners if you’re spending in limit and are being open and clear about money issues!

Lastly, just make sure you are giving proper time to ‘yourself’ too, and your personal space is not ending up because of your relationship. Always keep your relationship new and fresh…One Life!

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  • Gurleen

    February 14, 2013

    nyc song coolection. and an awesome article. its so damm true. great work.

  • Mehek

    February 15, 2013

    Thank You!!! 😛

  • Moulshree

    February 19, 2013

    awesum yr….

    • Mehek

      February 20, 2013

      🙂 Thanks!

  • Heena

    October 31, 2013

    Good One! Loved the song selection Mehek!
    A much needed piece for every guy and girl, some have actually gone insane. I so wish I could stick this piece to there ‘seene se yaar’.

    • Mehek

      November 1, 2013

      Hahaha, Thanks 🙂 Happy Reading and take care dear 🙂

  • Reema Nag

    October 31, 2013

    Eye opening article…jst brilliant..:)

    • Mehek

      November 2, 2013

      Thanks dear 🙂 Happy Reading!

      Take Care…

  • pratima

    November 11, 2013

    (Y) ..!! juz too good exactly eye opening artical ..:)

    • Mehek

      November 13, 2013

      Thanks dear 🙂 Stay Connected for a short story – VICISSITUDE. It’s about a couple undergoing divorce, and simultaneously, a younger couple, undergoing breakup. How they both deal with their situations, forms the crux 🙂 IT will be posted this Friday 🙂

  • Shriya

    May 1, 2014

    Hey..I have read this article late but frankly speaking… this article is too good.. an eye opener for me as a matter of fact..! I have become more of a loner since I got into a relationship a year back. No more chatting with my best buddies or hanging out with them because my guy doesn’t like them… I mean everything changed in my life but thanks to your article… I’m finally able to talk to him about my priorities and social circle too.. thanks 🙂 cheers!

    • Mehek

      May 1, 2014

      Thank you so much dear, and I’m glad my article helped you in some way 🙂 Stay connected and Happy reading!

  • grace

    May 3, 2014

    nice article but mehek some of us like me do not understand that other language..:-(

    • Mehek

      May 3, 2014

      Haha, dear, the Hindi references are nothing, but some cheesy bollywood songs 🙂 There was nothing much in the other language anyways, still, thanks for bringing this point in my notice, I will soon add translations for a comfortable reading! 🙂