Although justice delayed is justice denied, but not in the case the entire nation witnessed today! Let’s relive some of the old memories. A story whose horror was enough to shock the whole world; a crime which was so brutal, that even the media refused to speak or write about it openly. What happened exactly wasn’t only a rape, but a cold-hearted murder. Even a skilled murderer won’t give so much pain to his mission-target; sadly, she wasn’t even the target…

16th December, 2012

It was a cold night; the cool breeze blowing made the weather even harsh. That cold weather painted the cold-heartedness of a group of six, who were driving on random streets with vile intentions. Searching for a prey, in the urban-jungle, they finally found one. An innocent paramedic student, accompanied by her male friend, who were coming back from a movie, just like you or I would do! Happily returning back into reality from realms of fiction, she never knew she would have to witness the bitter side of it tonight only. She boarded the bus which was showcased to be a public transport by those 6 pretenders, and then the horrendous night started.

Those six beasts not only raped her one by one, but also sodomized her so brutally that her internal organs were damaged which later on lead to her death. Her male companion, who was termed as a coward by people for not saving his friend, was also beaten up and thrown out from the moving bus, and the driver also attempted to kill them by trying to crush them under the bus, but somehow his conscious made him save his and his friend’s lives.

Public woke up, protests started, youth on streets displayed the unity we have against such horrible crimes. The government was unmovable, but the criminals were soon captured. One step towards justice, but no verdict came for months. Then the fight for the juvenile started. A guy who was under 18, but knew what was rape, was sentenced a merely 3 year imprisonment. One of the remaining five accused, committed suicide inside the jail. Maybe the brutality of their act kept haunting him for nights to come, and he decided to end his life, rather than witness his hideous side daily!

The remaining four, who were in the eyes of public since very long, came under the knife today, Friday the 13th, when the judge gave them a death penalty! It was indeed a black day for them. They cried in the court, pleaded to spare them while the prosecutions were going on, but this time, everyone knew what was right. I salute the judge for providing justice to the long dead brave-heart! This maybe justice delayed, but definitely, this is NOT justice denied! Such convictions should be made more common, so that these crimes come to a halt. Rapists and murderers should all be hanged to death, so that one day, we can dream of a free nation. So that one day, people are not ‘afraid’ to give birth to daughters!

This conviction is a welcome treat to all those, who marched and protested on streets in the cold-December days. This verdict will provide some relief to the innocent soul of brave-heart, who fought for her life for weeks! She died, but her death marked a reformation in the Indian constitution. Maybe NOW, people will think a million times before committing such a dreadful crime!

Teri Zindagi ka maqsad kya tha,

Ye ab samajh mein aaya hai…

Insaaf kya hota hai?

Aaj teri maut ne desh ko dikhaya hai…

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  • Raghav Gakhar

    September 21, 2013

    well, i appreciate your feelings towards the concern of rapes of women but there are few things to notice.

    1. there are almost 700 rapes in Delhi in 2012, did all the victims got justice ?

    2. what about the rapes done by big ministers like PJ Kurien( a congress minister who raped a girl for more then a month ) and if law is similar for everyone why is he roaming free ( media is also silent ) ?

    3. these 4 rapists will be hanged not now but after supreme court declares them to be hanged,this case will not be over so soon,not before 1 year or more . recently ,supreme court has allowed those rapists who study ahead (in the prison).

    4. rapes have increased by 200% in 2013 , its not known whether people are reporting it wisely or rapes are increased because in Indian society many rapes are not reported (parents don’t report according to them its their honour )

    5. Will hanging them stop the rapes ? yes,its necessary to hang them so as to give rest to soul of the victim but there are hundreds of “Daminis ” who are fighting to regiister their FIR .

    your response will be appreciated .

    Raghav Gakhar

    • Mehek

      September 21, 2013

      Rage, and outburst is necessary, I understand that there are still many victims whose voice is unheard, many new cases of assault and rapes are coming into limelight everyday, I also understand that the law should be same for all, powerful and influential people shouldn’t be shielded, but some things need a lot of time to change. Nobody supports the freedom of criminals, people demand chemical castration for crimes like rape, but every law needs time to reform. We are still a century behind the west, our laws show selective flexibility which should be stopped. Hanging four men won’t stop further rapes because the death sentence granted to them is for ‘death’ of victim and not for rape. Law for rape hasn’t changed. But this decision was welcoming in it’s own way. With hopelessness prevailing in this country, finally there was a good news to share!

      For such crimes to STOP entirely, we need to change mindset of men, who see women as a sexual object. Clothing and mobile phones have nothing to do with someone being molested, neither calling the rapists ‘bhaiyya’ can prevent you from getting raped. It’s the social reform that we need, BEFORE political one. Because our politics is not clean, it will take hundred more years to formulate a totally crime free nation, if we only focus on law-change and introducing strict punishments. It’s the social change that this country desires. Globalization has spread faster than the minds of people could absorb it. Earlier the connection with west was limited to only the people who visited the foreign countries and saw their culture, but now, with internet connection in every corner and the world becoming a GLOBAL VILLAGE, there remains no difference in cultures. Ladies here have adopted western culture to a great extent, but that’s NOT wrong as long as they are not victimized!

  • Raghav Gakhar

    September 21, 2013

    well, by western culture do you mean USA ? sorry to tell you but we shouldn’t follow western culture as there were 89000 rapes in USA in 2012 , so its a global problem .

    those who think calling “bhayya” is a solution themselves have sexual rape case now on them , but the point is the law won’t act against the rich and powerful , its only for the poor which comes under the scrutiny of law .

    moreover i don’t feel they will be hanged so soon , they will be supplied free and hot biryani ,the khap panchayat rape cases are more serious,just read about a case where victim’s mother was murdered ,and victim and his father went to police station but report was not registered ,we have a sort of taliban in our own country ,which is khap panchayats .

    we youth can bring the change and yes. we must teach boys to not rape and give full freedom to women in whatever they want to wear , and if we force women to wear suits ,we must tell all men to wear “dhoti and kurta ” instead of jeans .

    i also feel there must be compulsory sessions of self defense in every school and for every kid . 🙂