Isolation curing myriad of emotions,
Spiteful insights of faithful pairs of eyes
Seeking vengeance, making plans
You wish you had eyes, even at your back…

Lies, betrayal, sins all around,
Guilt and shame thrown away in hurl
Naked princess trying to please herself
Ends up being amusement for the world!

Some end up being kings of honor,
While some just remain the pawns of game,
Some play it like honest contestants,
While some try to purloin a few pieces away…

The jigsaw will be put in place in the end,
The pieces all together making perfect sense
Everyone awaits his turn here
Everyone trying to be righteous and innocent

Justice will be served before the bell will ring
The hounds of the master all ready for bait
Oh, Listen to the song in hell they sing
You’ll be called, not by your name, but trait

When you stand before the master,
Don’t forget to apologize and bow down,
For the sins you committed, and the lies you told
Aren’t going to save you from his frown

He will slice you, carve you beautifully,
Excruciating the scale you can survive
Your tears and apologies won’t save you then
You would want to go back in time

But it would be too late, my friend
Too late to mend and undone it all
Too late to understand your fault
Too late to save you from the fall

And then your soul wanders off
Like a torn moccasin in suburbs, trying to say
A faithful goodbye, trying to narrate
The story of it’s life, but the dark edges cry…

Look at the tattered shoe, the laces and sole
Each one stands at it’s place, still
Each one cries for the life they have
Are those all the sinners who died?

Sinners turned into lifeless moccasins
Serving the lives of the honest brigade
Always in their feet, eating dirt,
Their leather-skin still moaning in pain

The master provided justice in the end
Inanimate now, the previously unquenchable
Creatures who thought they’d rule the world
Are serving it now with the shreds of their skin

Honesty, truth and righteousness,
Will get you justice in the end,
No matter if you fail today
Your enthroning awaits you!
No matter how you fall today
Your crowning, awaits you…

~ Mehek Bassi © March,  2014

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  Comments (2)

  • Joshita

    July 9, 2014

    outstanding girl! Day by day I am growing fonder of your creativity. Loving it too!

    • Mehek

      July 9, 2014

      Thank you very much, Joshita 🙂