In Pursuit of Life

Old_Delhi_in_1954_by_Rodney_Stich_(1) Flavored smell of fresh samosas’, the narrow lane neighborhood overcrowded with people from all races, I would observe so many different characters every morning. The kids playing cricket restlessly, their nicknames taken from world-class Indian ...

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Of Thick and Thins

Untitled-1 It’s not everybody’s dream to be fat, but it is everyone’s dream to have that sculpted body that actresses and models flaunt on TV and movies. Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, you name it! Guys ...

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Nature’s Bill

Beauty-of-nature-random-4884759-1280-800 The purring cat, the monsoon’s chill, The lonely road, the lights all dim, The dark path, the night’s thrill, I stand at the edge by the window’s rim A wet terrain, the food on grill, ...

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